Eveready Lighting

Eveready Lighting


Eveready Lighting

Eveready Lighting - For over 100 years, the Eveready brand has been powering people s lives. Eveready super heavy duty carbon zinc batteries are the economical choice for low drain devices. The history of batteries and the deveplopment of devices over the years go hand in hand. When Eveready invented the first miniature batteries in the late 1950's, most of the world stopped winding watches. Alkaline batteries from Eveready provided enough power to make way for todays portable radios and toys that blink and bleep. With the introduction of lithium batteries, it opened up a whole new world of long-lasting power for todays high tech gadgets and toys, from digital cameras to the MP3 Players and handheld computers in todays high-tech world. If you can't find what your looking for please contact Trade Counter Direct and we'll do our best to source your product.


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