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    Drain Equipment and tools is one the most versitile section fo TCD sporting Drain Cameras, Drain Camera Accessories, Drain Camera Locators, Drain Cleaning Machines, Drain Springs and Cables, Drain Rods, Plungers and Plumbing Valves. From top quality brands like RothenbergerMonumentRidgidSilverlineRems, Milwaukee and Baileys.

    Further more Trade Counter Direct can arrange demonstrations and technical help from Ridgid and Rems striaght to your door step. 

    Wohler Drain Inspection Camera

  • Glossary of Drain Tools

    Drain Inspection Cameras are a must if you want to properly show a customer a blockage on a particular job. Drain Inspection Cameras can also be used in chimney and duct work inspection for deep cleaning reporting and analysis. Our Drain Camera range spans from handheld inspection cameras suitable for mechanics and domestic plumbers through to 90m Push Rod Camera systems & all Drain Camera Accessories

    Drain Camera Locators can be a vital tool in drain management and repair. Many of the new Drain Camera systems come with built in Sondes to coincide with their prospective Locators.

    Drain Cleaning Machines are the Drain sectors biggest and most popular market. Primarily used for sink and shower traps these drain snakes are incredibly versitile. Divided into handheld and stationary they can even be used on smaller sectional pipe work. The drain snakes also have the added benefit of being able to change the thickness of cable and Cable head. (Capable of clearing lines upto 250mm)

    Manual Drain Snakes provide a stepping stone before entering into the electric drain snakes. Typically constructed of a Plastic drum, trigger nozzle and handle to feed the cable into the drain. Once the bloackage has been located the user can spin the drum manually, clearing the pipe. (Capable of clearing lines upto 75mm)

    Drain Springs and Cables. We have replacement cables for all of the Rothenberger, Rems, Ridgid and General Wire Cleaning Machines, uncluding attachments and the whole catalogue of different size cables.

    Drain Rods are a perfect solution for the tradesmen that only comes across a blockage every now and again. We supply Silverline, Baileys and Rothenberger Drain Rods.

    Rothenberger R600 Drain Cleaning Machine

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