Drain Cleaning Machines

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Drain Cleaning Machines

Drain Cleaning is one of the most important branches of the plumbing sector with a wide range of Toilet Augers, Manual Drain SnakesElectric Drain Snakes, Drain Cameras, Sectional Drain Cleaning MachinesWater Jetter. From top quality brands like Rothenberger, Monument, Ridgid, Silverline Rems and Baileys.

Glossary of Drain Cleaning

Toilet Augers are an excellent cost effective way of clearing toilet down pipes. Many Augers are equipped with a 1m long x 1/2" cable and a bulb sprial auger at the end, to get through the tough blockages.

Manual Drain Snakes provide a stepping stone before entering into the electric drain snakes. Typically constructed of a Plastic drum, trigger nozzle and handle to feed the cable into the drain. Once the bloackage has been located the user can spin the drum manually, clearing the pipe. (Capable of clearing lines upto 75mm)

Electric Drain Snakes are the Drain sectors biggest and most popular market. Primarily used for sink and shower traps these drain snakes are incredibly versitile. Divided into handheld and stationary they can even be used on smaller sectional pipe work. The drain snakes also have the added benefit of being able to change the thickness of cable and Cable head. (Capable of clearing lines upto 110mm)

Sectional Drain Cleaning Machines are the heavy duty section of drain clearing without the use of water. Capable of clearing large sewer sections and down pipes. Built with motors with more torque to get through the toughest blockages; these are the true work horses of the plumbing sector. Available as a straight sectional machine or as a condensed Drum machine. (Capable of clearing lines upto 250mm)

Water Jetters are constructed for completely cleaning a drain. The highly flexible, lightweight hose blasts through sludge, soap and grease bloackages. As you pull the hose back, it power washes the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity - all without the use of harmful chemicals.
(Capable of cleaning lines upto 200mm)

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