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Adjustable Wrench and Adjustable Wrenches at Trade Counter Direct

In the UK a wrench with a "jaw" that is of adjustable width, is called an Adjustable Spanner, or also known as Adjustable Wrench in the USA. The adjustable width allows it to be used with different sizes of fastener head (nut, bolt, etc.) rather than just one fastener, as with a fixed spanner. An adjustable spanner may also be called a crescent wrench, adjustable end wrench, wrench, shifter, shifting spanner, shifting adjustable, fit-all or adjustable angle-head wrench. There are many types of adjustable spanners, from the taper locking spanners which needed a hammer to set the movable jaw to the size of the nut, to the modern screw adjusted spanner. Some adjustable spanners automatically adjust to the size of the nut. Simpler models use a serrated edge to lock the movable jaw to size, while more sophisticated versions are digital types that use sheets or feelers to set the size.

Adjustable Wrench and Adjustable Wrenches Brands

At Trade Counter Direct we have built close relationships with leading Brands of Adjustable Wrench and Adjustable Wrenches. We stock a wide range of Adjustable Wrench and Adjustable Wrenches from Brands such as Bahco, Faithfull, Monument, Irega, Rolson, Stanley, Am-Tech Tools, Britool, Crescent, Facom, Rothenberger, Snail, Teng and Visegrip Irwin.

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