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Strap Wrenches at Trade Counter Direct

A self-tightening strap wrench with either a chain or strap of metal, leather, or rubber attached to a handle, used to grip and turn smooth cylindrical objects (such as car oil filters and pipework). It relies entirely on friction between the strap or chain and the object to be manipulated. Similar to a pipe wrench, but uses a chain similar to a drive chain or strap, instead of an adjustable jaw. The links of the chain have extended pegs which fit into grooves in the front of the handle, with one end of the chain attached permanently to the handle. This is used in situations where pipe wrenches cannot maintain a proper grip on an object such as a wet or oily pipe.

Strap Wrench Brands

At Trade Counter Direct we have built close relationships with leading Brands of Strap Wrenches. We stock a wide range of Strap Wrenches from Brands such as Boa, Bahco, Rothenberger, Irwin, Rolson and Select Products.

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