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Teng Tools
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  1. Teng Tools TTDCT05 TT2 Cutting Tool Set (5 Pieces)


    £110.51 £92.09
  2. Teng Tools 3892AG-E3 3/8" Drive Torque Wrench 20-100Nm


    £78.67 £65.56
  3. Teng 582MI 3-in-1 Inspection Tool 570mm


    £21.37 £17.81
  4. Teng Tools 701 Hacksaw with 12 inch blades


    £31.40 £26.17
  5. Teng Tools M340086-C Reducing Adaptor 3/4"F - 1/2"M


    £19.38 £16.15
  6. Teng Tools MT05MM Metric Only Measuring Tape 5m


    £11.30 £9.42
  7. Teng RHA14 Ratchet Head Hex to 1/4 inch Drive


    £16.21 £13.51
  8. Teng TC-SC Empty Service Case For TT Trays


    £254.99 £212.49
  9. Teng Tools TC540 Cantilever Tool Box (5 Drawer Trays)


    £121.60 £101.33
  10. Teng Tools TT1435 35 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket Set


    £75.10 £62.58
  11. Teng Tools 18 PIECE 3/8"-1/2" Drive Stud Extractor Set


    £316.75 £263.96
  12. Teng Tools TTD441 8 Piece Plier Set


    £148.81 £124.01
  13. Teng TTHEX16 1/2" Drive Hex Bit Socket Set 16 Pieces


    £75.54 £62.95
  14. Teng TTNF12 12 Piece Needle File Set


    £40.82 £34.02
  15. Teng Tools TTPSAD 5 Piece Body Working Hammer Set


    £138.73 £115.61
  16. Teng Tools TTTM03 3 Piece Inspection Tool Set


    £57.59 £47.99
  17. Teng Tools TTXF05 TTX4 10" Hand File Set (5 Pieces)


    £64.88 £54.07
Set Ascending Direction

434 products

You've viewed 36 of 434 products

per page

Welcome to Trade Counter Direct - your ultimate destination for premium-quality Teng Tools and equipment. In this top-level category, we proudly present a comprehensive range of Teng Tools, renowned for their precision engineering, durability, and innovation. Explore the subcategories below to find the perfect tools for every task:

  1. Teng Tool Storage: Keep your workspace organized and efficient with our cutting-edge tool storage solutions. From sturdy toolboxes to versatile tool cabinets, Trade Counter Direct offers the perfect companions to safeguard and manage your valuable tools.

  2. Teng Sockets & Spanners: Achieve seamless fastening and loosening of nuts and bolts with our superior range of sockets and spanners. Crafted with precision, Teng offers a diverse selection to tackle any mechanical challenge.

  3. Teng Screwdrivers: Experience unrivaled precision and control with our premium screwdrivers. Whether it's flathead, Phillips, or precision screwdrivers, Trade Counter Direct's ergonomic designs and superior materials ensure a reliable grip and efficient performance.

  4. Teng Pliers: Enhance your gripping power and versatility with Trade Counter Direct's exceptional pliers collection. From cutting, bending, and holding, these high-quality tools are engineered to deliver outstanding results.

  5. Teng Hex Keys & Sets: Achieve excellent maneuverability and precision with our range of hex keys and sets. Perfect for intricate tasks and hard-to-reach areas, Trade Counter Direct's hex keys are a must-have in any toolbox.

  6. Teng Clamps: Secure your workpieces with confidence using our reliable clamps. Designed for optimal stability and ease of use, Trade Counter Direct clamps are essential tools for various woodworking and metalworking applications.

  7. Teng Wrenches: Enjoy seamless adjustment and firm grip with our exceptional wrenches. Available in various sizes and designs, Trade Counter Direct's wrenches are engineered to deliver the perfect torque for every job.

  8. Teng Ratchet Wrenches: Speed up your workflow with Trade Counter Direct's high-performance ratchet wrenches. Designed for efficiency and convenience, these wrenches are a game-changer in any toolkit.

  9. Teng Accessories: Explore a wide array of handy accessories that complement and expand the functionality of your Teng Tools. From tool holders and trays to tool sets and adapters, Trade Counter Direct has you covered.

With Teng Tools from Trade Counter Direct, you can elevate your craftsmanship and conquer any project with confidence. Choose excellence, precision, and durability - choose Teng Tools for a truly unparalleled experience in the world of professional-grade equipment.

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