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Loft Hatches | Loft Hatch Access Panels

Loft Hatch Access Panels - Attic Loft Hatches 

Loft Hatch and Loft Hatches for Loft or Attic Access is TCD's speciality. We have an exclusive range of Fire Rated Metal Loft Hatches that allows access through ceilings into lofts and roofspaces and every type of Plastic Loft Hatch you could need. Our range includes Part L Regulation compliant loft hatches that meet all U values. Exclusive TCD Fire Rated Loft Hatches and also top brands like Timloc and Manthorpe loft hatch and loft hatches also available.

Trade Counter Direct has a vast selection of popular loft hatches allowing convenient loft access and use of the roof space. The push up loft hatch access door has an easily manoeuvrable lightweight lid. There also various sizes of drop down / pull down loft hatch access doors which are opened by a simple turn operation.

Fitting a New Loft Hatch into an attic space is easy and can be accomplished by any competent DIYer. Here are some easy steps to follow for cutting new joists or amending an existing loft hatch access.

Loft floor joists are generally spaced too closely to leave space for a practically sized loft hatch, so one joist is cutJoist Layout for Loft Hatch

away to give enough space for the loft hatch. First, you need to trim out the ceiling joists to create an opening.

You'll need some timber the same size as the joists for trimming.

Measuring Joists for Loft Hatch

After deciding on the best position for the loft hatch, mark out the ceiling joists. Use a framing square to 

mark lines perfectly square on all three joists. If the loft hatch will be in a hallway/corridor try to centre it as

best as  possible and avoid positioning it too close to the top of a staircase or landing. Don't forget to allow

for the thickness of the frame material when setting out.

Check there isn't a major load sitting on only the joist to be cut, or 2 joists, such as a water header tank. Bracing Joists for Loft Hatch

This is also especially important if the ceiling is already fixed. Once marked out, fix some suitable scrap

timber across the joists with screws to hold the one that's going to be cut.

Use a framing square again check that your loft hatch mark lines are still perfectly square on all three joists.Check Loft Hatch Measurements

Cut the joist out that is in the way using a handsaw or circular saw. This will now give you space in which yourCut Loft Hatch Joist

loft hatch trimming frame and ultimately, your loft hatch, will be mounted into.

Now fix two pieces of timber across. Nail them to the outer joists and to the trimmed joist to stop it droppingTrimming Loft Hatch

down now the middle section is cut out. If necessary, a trimmer in the opposite directions can be used to make

the opening the desired  size or in the right position.

Depending on the location for your loft hatch and once the support timber has been removed, the layout of your joists and trimmings will look like either of the following images

Centred Loft Hatch           Off Centred Loft Hatch

Click this link for our range of Loft Hatch Loft Ladders

Loft Hatches | Loft Hatch Access Panels


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